We all need something to believe in. Instead of God, country, or the pursuit of Enlightenment, I chose story.

I’m a proud believer in fiction and narrative and all that never was and will never be. I believe in making things up in our heads and sharing them with others through whatever medium we deem most appropriate. I believe in the worlds inside all of us, that there is nothing more beautiful than a well-told story, nothing more magical than the idea that we have the ability to create people and events and worlds that are totally unreal and make each other care about them.

Storytelling, for all intents and purposes, is my religion. As a devoted practitioner, I’m here to talk about our culture, discuss the state of contemporary narrative, and get embarrassingly worked up over media that I care about. Why? Because like all committed fundamentalists, I proselytize.

And I see—when I look into our vast, mighty cultural reservoir—a lot of great things going unappreciated, far too much worthless nonsense at the top of the heap, and a general lack of respect for what a story can do. I’d like to fix all that. Welcome to my own little Crusade.