Buffy Reflections: Season 6

I think I expected a lighter tone. A decline in quality. Some fun, some tragedy.

I was wrong about everything, especially the tragedy. There wasn’t some; Buffy’s sixth season is dripping with it.

I knew we were in for some real darkness from the two-part premiere alone. It was bleak stuff, with Buffy resurrected amidst an assault on Sunnydale by a group of demon rapist bikers. They were not playful, but even the gut-churning threats one made about “incompatible anatomy” couldn’t compare to the shock of seeing Buffy’s decaying corpse right before Willow’s spell took effect. I knew she would be ok, but actually witnessing our beloved heroine’s rotted face? Not pulling any punches, there.

Coupled with the ending reveal—that Buffy was at peace in heaven (or something like it) and her friends pulled her away to suffer on Earth—made for a pretty tragic set-up. I was worried Buffy coming back to life would feel like a cop out, but no, it took her the entire season and a lot of pain to come to grips with her renewed mortality.

The overall arc was less cohesive than last year, but that was for the best. After fighting off a god for twenty-two episodes it would have felt a bit forced to try and top the threat level right away, so they went in the opposite direction with the Trio. The nerdy losers teaming up to take over Sunnydale? Hilarious, and because it was Buffy I knew it was only a matter of time until things got real.

But before that, the goddamn musical episode. I knew it was coming, and somehow resisted listening to any of the songs until my first viewing. Since then I’ve played the soundtrack every day, and don’t anticipate stopping anytime soon. “Once More with Feeling” was a wonderful gift from Joss that celebrated everything great about the world he created.

Luckily such a high came right before Giles departed, something that could have easily upset me considering he’s been my favorite character since season two. But even I admit it was the right decision—they didn’t really know what to do with him any more. And we even got some last laughs with “Tabula Rasa.”

Then Spike and Buffy got together, and oh my god it was hot. Sorry, visceral reaction. Their relationship this season was destructive, abusive, and awful for the both of them, culminating in a near rape that I still don’t know whether or not they should have depicted. It was believable without ruining either character, but still a very extreme place to go. And as to the “hot” thing, yeah, I can’t think of a TV relationship with more sexual chemistry, which was crucial. As bad as it was for them to be together, I completely understood why they kept going back to each other.

There was a short lull after the fantastic “Dead Things”, with perhaps the worst episode of the series “Older and Far Away” and the unfortunate return of Riley in “As You Were.”

But things picked up from there, with the heartbreaking collapse of Xander and Anya’s relationship as well as “Normal Again,” the episode that suggests the entire show is Buffy’s elaborate, schizophrenic delusion.

Then the season’s endgame was sublime. Tara’s brutal and sudden death unleashed Dark Willow, who proved a phenomenal big bad to wrap everything up. The whole “magic is a drug” thing grated at times, but to actually see the danger realized in such a powerful way was worth it. I don’t think a single moment of violence on the show has shocked me like Warren’s flaying, and the fact that sweet, lovable Willow of all people was the one to do it just made everything more horrible.

Oh, and Giles’ big damn heroes moment? Beautiful. Almost surprising that he lived through the finale, but I suppose they never could have had Willow forgive herself if she’d murdered him.

Only one season left now, and of course it’s a bittersweet feeling. I don’t want it to end yet, but I need to continue on my journey with these wonderful characters. Hey, at least there are still comics to read afterwards.


2 comments on “Buffy Reflections: Season 6

  1. Rabbit-moon says:

    Great review! I know a lot of people had problems with Season 6, but I loved it!

    I applaud the writers for going so dark, and having the characters be less than happy shiny perfect. Yeah, there was a lot of pain and suffering in this season, but it was amazing to see these talented actors accept the challenge and make us still love their characters despite their short-comings, confusion and misguided actions. I was mesmerized! I was not disappointed in Season 6 at all!

  2. Great review (hurrah for the Dead Things love, which is also one of the most hated episodes in certain corners of fandom, but I think it’s brilliant). I just found the show last year and S6 is my favorite – not the “best” in terms of objective television entertainment, or tightest arc, but the one that I connected with the most emotionally, the one that got under my skin. Yes it’s often messy and painful but depression, despair and abuse are just that. I would have lost any respect for the show if Buffy had come back and been a-ok within two episodes. I love this season for how brave it is, over and over.

    FYI – the comics? I wish I hadn’t looked at them. I guess, if you read them as their own canon, as something separate from the tv show, they might work better for you. YMMV

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