So Clearly I Spoke Too Soon…

Yeah, that bit of rejoicing over Community’s finale and renewal? Disregard all the positive feelings I had about the show’s upcoming fourth and final season, because Dan Harmon has been fired as showrunner.

Considering he’s the guy whose vision for the show has utterly defined everything great about it, it’s pretty safe to say that Greendale will barely resemble the mecca of inspired televisual might that it has for the past three years.

Harmon’s replacements, David Guarascio and Moses Port, have no history working on Community, and I can’t help but suspect they’re the sort of dependable hacks that Sony is relying on to make a product that the general masses will find more relatable.

Not to mention that several of the series’ most prominent writers are also departing.

So…yeah. Good thing this season went out strong, because the final thirteen installments of the former best comedy on television will be fortunate to contain a fraction of the wit and daring that fans have come to love it for.

I was so thrilled I got on board a few months ago, and now my heart will get ripped out with everyone else. Let’s brace ourselves for next year. This one could be excruciating.



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