Community Finale

I’m of two minds about NBC airing the last three episodes of Community’s third season on one night. One gets the sense that they’re dumping them all at once to get it over with…but then again we got three new episodes of Community, which made for a fantastic little marathon.

The first, “Digital Estate Planning,” put the characters in a virtual race against Giancarlo Esposito to try to win Pierce’s evil dead father’s inheritance. It was every bit as spectacular as I might have hoped, especially in a world where shit like this used to be emblematic for how NBC shows regarded video games.

Then there was “The First Chang Dynasty,” which elevated the already psychotic Chang to his most megalomaniacal yet and gave us the show’s take on the heist movie. Even more so than Arrested DevelopmentCommunity builds upon itself to the extent that, by this point, if you aren’t a diehard fan then you’re not going to understand about five layers of callbacks that are getting woven into every scene. That, plus the writers’ penchant for innovating upon the same jokes until they achieve this frighteningly inspired stupidity (Chang calling the fake Dean a Dean-el-Changer, for instance) is some of the most committed and aggressive entertainment I’ve ever seen.

With every episode, Community’s motto comes closer and closer to “Either you’re with us or get the fuck out of here.”

Then “Introduction to Finality” portrayed what I’ve been dying to see since the brilliant “Remedial Chaos Theory” earlier this season: Evil Abed actually invaded the main timeline and tried to destroy everyone. It might not have been an all-out war between the Universes, but it was still just so freaking daring a storyline to try to pull off, even if it wasn’t the main focus. I mean it actually gave definitive proof that Abed is dangerous. Is it bad that I was praying for Jeff’s arm to actually get cut off?

Not to mention the amazingly bizarre conclusion to everything going on at the air conditioning school. Yes, a man was murdered.

I’m thrilled that it got renewed (even for a truncated thirteen episode season) and almost scared to see how crazy it’s going to get now that there’s truly no reason to hold back.

Here’s to one more year at Greendale.




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