The NBC Lineup

Long time readers will know I made a big deal about diving into NBC’s new drama with a great premise, Awake, starring Jason Isaacs. Since then I haven’t really talked about it on here, and that’s because I watched the second and third episodes, found them okay, and couldn’t be bothered to keep up with it from that point forward.

Lucky for me, I haven’t missed much; it’s been given the axe. A shame, but with so novel a conceit and such low ratings it was basically inevitable. Network television, especially NBC, is not the place for such high concept entertainment to flourish.

Yet it’s not all bad news from the Peacock’s programming offices. Community was renewed for a fourth and final season, and even though it’s just a baker’s dozen worth of episodes they’ll at least get to end the saga of the Greendale seven more or less like they want to. I’m all caught up with it now, and yes it’s brilliant. The places they’re willing to go are incredible, unpredictable, and ridiculously ballsy. Now that they know for sure when it’s ending, Dan Harmon and the rest of them are likely to get crazier than ever before. An invasion from the evil alternate timeline, anyone?

30 Rock also got renewed for a final, truncated season, and just in time. It’s not quite stale, but let’s just say I’ve more than grown accustomed to its charms.

That’ll leave Parks and Recreation as the strongest of NBC’s Thursday night lineup, assuming The Office continues its hideous decline into irrelevance and nothing worthwhile replaces the departing shows, which is more than unlikely.

And after that’s gone, well, NBC will no longer have anything worth watching. It would be tragic, if it weren’t for the glorious existence of the likes of HBO and AMC, whose content is miles ahead of what the networks are willing to provide. This is a golden age of television, yes, but not one for the channels we’re most accustomed to.


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