Enrolling at Greendale

When Community first premiered in 2009 I gave it a shot, thinking it would be the sort of show that I’d gravitate towards.

After several episodes it just wasn’t grabbing me, largely because of something that I would have thought would be a selling point—it was too meta, too acerbically self-aware to allow me to really get close to the characters. Abed in particular would say things I was thinking about the show, and that kind of freaked me out. So I stopped watching, and consequently have spent the past couple of years mildly regretting the decision.

Online I constantly hear about all the bold chances the show takes; the way it layers, builds on itself, and at times seems like an exploration of the very idea of a sitcom and the tropes associated with the entire genre.

I love that idea, and a few episodes (both “Modern Warfares,” the D&D game, the split timelines experiment) have generated so much buzz that I’ve been compelled to check them out. I found them impressive even without being a devoted follower of the series.

So clearly, this was something that deserved another go. Having finally caught up with Doctor Who (my devotion to which I feel will come to define a part of me, as it has so many fans) I figured it seemed like the best time to explore the possibility of catching up with Community

Three episodes in, and I instantly recognize some of the spark that I missed out on before. I cared about the characters, laughed a lot, and actually adored Abed, formerly my main reason for not watching the show at all.

Since there’s no really good way to watch online, I ordered the first two season DVD sets off Amazon, because they’re pretty cheap, the show is perpetually in danger, and it’s been a long time since I’ve bought DVDs of anything.

Community returns to NBC tomorrow, and though I’ll be playing catch-up for quite a while, here’s hoping it finishes strong and, if at all possible, gets that one extra season to finish up the study group’s four years at Greendale.

From this point forward, I’m completely on board.



One comment on “Enrolling at Greendale

  1. stuffbot says:

    You made the right decision. Welcome.

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