Best Couples on Television

This feels like an obvious move, but whatever! My favorite couples on shows I watch are: -(Some spoilers for things)

April and Andy– Parks and Recreation

These two are the most watchable, sweetest, and in many ways the most believable pairing on any show. Her apathy and his idiocy along with their shared immaturity are perfect.

Tyrion and Shae- Game of Thrones

The most compelling relationship with surviving members going into Season 2. They each know what the other wants, and if that’s not true love…okay, no it isn’t. But the wordplay is fantastic.

Nucky and Margaret- Boardwalk Empire

And the sickening, self-destructive co-dependence continues. As far as I can tell these two are going to be failing to change each other until the show ends.

Walt and Skyler- Breaking Bad

After a few seasons in her necessary but fan-alienating role as concerned, intelligent, out-of-the-loop wife, Skyler finally got a taste of the meth game. How far will she let Walt take her on his road to hell? Knowing this series, probably farther than we’d expect.

The Ponds- Doctor Who

Still a season behind, but seeing Rory and Amy get married was the perfect end to Moffat’s absolutely brilliant first year as showrunner. Amy obviously needs to appreciate her fantastic other half more- hopefully I’ll see her fully recognize Rory’s greatness in the most recent episodes.

Holmes and Watson- Sherlock

They’re adorable.

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