Today I was going to write about when fiction conflicts with our morality, but that’s a very big topic, I’ve been dealing with a housing crisis, and then this hilarious article caught my attention. So instead let’s chat about the theater-going experience. When it comes to seeing movies in the traditional way I always sit as close to the center of my row as possible. Preferably that row is a good distance from the screen, but better too close or too far than way off to the left. It’s very rare that I’m unable to find what I’m looking for or something close to it, which is nice since I’m pretty insufferable otherwise.

My general theater habits (not rules, just what I tend to do): I don’t eat anything during a movie and I silence or turn off my phone because I’m not terrible. I never go to the bathroom, and I stay quiet unless there’s a quick comment I’d like to make to a friend next to me that I feel is extremely warranted, but that doesn’t happen too often. At the credits I clap (assuming I liked the film in question) even if I’m the first and last one to do so. Trying to get an applause going just feels right.

Luckily I haven’t had too many bad theater-going experiences. Nothing even approaching the horror that I linked to above. I hear about terribly disrespectful theater patrons, of course, but I found I’ve managed to avoid them. Maybe in California more people just understand how you’re supposed to behave? Whatever it is I’m glad, because I sure as hell won’t tolerate anyone else ruining my movie-going experience. A persistent, glowing cell phone is about the most annoying thing I’ve had to put up with in recent memory- any more than that I doubt I could sit through.

I value going to the theater, and with campus screenings I haven’t really gone more than a week or two without seeing a movie in the past few months. It might not be as popular as it once was, but the act of going to the movies is too inherent to our entertainment culture to ever really die out. And for that, I’m grateful. Going to my first official press screening tonight in fact, and I’m excited for the new experience. Let’s hope the people there have a healthy appreciation for the magic of cinema…although not so healthy that they take the best seats, of course.

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