Tim Schafer and Double Fine are about to Change Everything

Well THIS is insanely exciting. Double Fine (dudes behind the fantastic Psychonauts and a bunch of other cool things, led by equally cool Tim Schafer) are funding their next game entirely through Kickstarter.

This means: No game studio enforcing any influence on them. No interference between developers and consumers. And most importantly: A massive step in artists getting funded directly without relying on the typically accepted industry parameters. Increasingly notable entertainment entities are using Kickstarter (Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer funded their fantastic tour over the site) and this is phenomenal proof that consumers WILL pay for entertainment if they have faith in the people making it.

So sorry, video game publishers, but piracy really doesn’t seem to be that much of an issue if these cult status developers can raise a quarter million dollars over the internet within hours of announcing their project. In fact by now they’ve probably reached their goal a month or so ahead of time. Fancy that, it’s almost like the creators aren’t obsolete, the publishers are. This is going to help everyone realize it, and over the next few years we’re only going to see more of this as publishers in every industry realize that they’re in an adapt or die situation. Prepare to witness most of them die, by the way. Adaptation’s a real bitch.

But for now, donate here, because there’s an awesome little adventure game on the horizon. $15.00 and you get the finished product and the opportunity to watch them create the whole thing as it happens. I’m thrilled to see where this goes.

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