Our Sins died for Superman

I saw this video posted on a few sites over the last couple of days but for some reason didn’t get around to watching it until just now, which was a mistake, because it’s pretty damn amazing. Max Landis, screenwriter behind the newly released pseudo-superhero found footage movie Chronicle (it’s good go see it) got a bunch of very talented people together so that he could make a stylish, fifteen minute plus rant about that time Superman died. It might be the most well-done self-indulgent airing of geeky grievances that I’ve ever seen.

I have no idea why famous people agreed to be in this thing, or how much effort must have been required to act out, illustrate, or otherwise depict everything he says in such a madcap yet coherent fashion, but I very much appreciate it. It’s so obvious Landis has wanted to get all these complaints off his chest for over twenty years, so it’s more than a little satisfying to witness his righteous, nerdy catharsis.

Not a big Superman fan myself (pretty much for the reasons he lays out at the beginning) but I do think that the way people react to the character and his place in history are pretty important, so this video is as valuable as it is entertaining. I especially like the realization at the end that Superman essentially managed to single-handedly defeat the concept of death throughout an entire industry.

Very well done, very worth a watch, and seeing this right after seeing Chronicle gets me very excited for Max Landis’s career.


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