Once upon a time…

…Someone tried to explain something. And just like that, storytelling was born. Myth and religion were close to follow, forever solidifying things people make up out of their heads as part of the human experience. Then there was agriculture and so forth, expansion, migration, blah blah blah, civilization, war, art and all that good stuff, philosophy, science, genocide, nations, industrialization, and then things progressed very quickly leaving us more or less where we are now: Globalized, plugged in, strung out, and no less in love with those stories than we were when walking upright was still pretty novel.

That must make them pretty important. I certainly care about them, at least, so I’m doing that which countless others have done before and many more will do after: I’m Starting a Blog. So help me.

The subject will be that which I most enjoy discussing, and genuinely think I have a worthwhile perspective in regards to: Story. Narrative. Fiction. Whatever you call it, wherever it is, however I happen to be experiencing, creating, or thinking about it, that’s what I’ll discuss here. So yes, a lot of this will be geeking out about things that I have a nerdy interest in. I’m more than a little aware that I’m not the first person to discuss such things on the internet. I’m starting this blog anyway, though, because I care so very much about our culture and the stories we tell. They’ve mattered to me my whole life, and will matter until the day I die. I love it all, and consider our stories hugely important to who we are as a people. I hope very much that my devotion shines through and makes this little offshoot of a site into something special. We’ll see what happens.

Who knows? Maybe this will be one of those beginnings that people look back on. Maybe it’s the start of something.

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