My Internet Haunts

In the interest of spiraling gradually outwards (and because I may or may not have to write this up for a class) I figure I should discuss my most-frequented blogs from around the web and why I consider them worthwhile.

For my movie news I rely pretty heavily on /Film, a nicely designed site that gets right down to it: Scroll through the story headings to get a sense of what’s going on, open up the full stories in tabs if you want more, and you’re good to go. Their layout is visually pleasing yet straightforward and the writers give you a pretty good sense of what’s going on. They’re actually somewhat terrible at integrating trailers or set photos, but I still read it every day. It probably helps that I listen to their podcast, so I feel a definite connection to the site. Other film blogs I check out include CHUD and Film School Rejects, the former for the quality of their reviews and the latter for their features.

IGN has been the most popular game site out there for a hell of a long time, and I use them a lot now as a reliable one stop sort of media hub. In the online community it’s usually good to know their take on something. Destructoid, though, is definitely my favorite video game blog just by virtue of their fantastic staff, laid-back approach, and highly dedicated readers. I used to be far more active over there than I am now. Their site still really holds up, though, and has a damn fine design.

In terms of blogs that have a special regard for fiction, Mark Watches stands out for the way it offers nothing but one very particular man’s reactions to television and literature. The following he’s gathered through his (frankly adorable) writing is pretty great. Then there’s All Leather Must be Boiled, which shows tremendous and in-depth reverence, analysis, and insight into George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire. That he keeps it interesting with such a narrow scope is notable, especially considering that here I plan to talk about…well, everything I feel like.

Famous folks who keep great blogs are, not coincidentally, two of my idols, Neil Gaiman and Roger Ebert. Their sites are more about content than form (although Neil’s looks great) and I’ll certainly talk more about these two plenty in the future.

And finally there’s Topless Robot, a blog that covers everything nerdy with a style and enthusiasm that makes it an absolute pleasure to follow. It’s hilarious and very casually done. Lots to learn from that one.

So basically, there are a bunch of blogs you could read instead of this one. But hey! I’m just getting started, here. We’ll see if we can’t make this worthwhile.


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